VIPKID Teacher Requirements

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The application process to teach with VIPKid is pretty simple.

You’ll need to create a profile on the website and upload your resume. This will allow you to apply for jobs and get matched with students who are looking for teachers in your area of expertise.

If you don’t have a Bachelor’s degree, don’t worry! You can still apply as long as you meet our requirements—and we know it’s not always easy to get one right away. All you need is an Associate’s degree or higher and some teaching experience—or even just a lot of passion for what you’re teaching!

We verify all teacher credentials through official transcripts from accredited colleges or universities. If your degree is from outside the U.S. or Canada, please send us an unofficial transcript so that we can verify it before accepting your application.

Teachers usually only teach one class at a time, but there are some exceptions: if there aren’t enough students signed up for that class, we might assign someone else who wants to teach that subject matter instead of waiting until another student signs up; if there are multiple classes on the same topic but only one teacher for each class, then we might assign more than one teacher

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