Top 16 Online ESL Jobs

Working from home is an alternative to working in an office. Many people find it helpful to work at home because it gives them more time for themselves and their families. They also find it easier to focus on their work without interruption or distractions. However, working at home has its challenges. It’s important to think carefully about the benefits and drawbacks before making the switch.

  • Accent Advisor – Remote +1 location

    We are an online English pronunciation and fluency school.*. *At least two years of ESL and Pronunciation teaching experience*. It’s not a full-time job.*.

    $15 – $25 an hour
  • EpicTutor – United States 

    Teach English online, following the school’s curriculum (Lesson materials provided). In conjunction with a robust style of teaching and extensive training, this…

    $4,800 a month
  • Open Hearts Language Academy – Remote 3.0

    Prepare classes, teach ESL to adults, and complete paperwork pertaining to the position. Candidates must hold a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in ESL/TESOL or a…

    $20 – $25 an hour
    Quick Apply

    Esl classroom: 1 year (Preferred). Esl teaching: 1 year (Preferred). Teaching esl: 1 year (Preferred). We offer a flexible schedule,.

    $12 – $15 an hour
    Quick Apply
  • Open Hearts Language Academy – Remote 3.0

    Prepare classes, teach ESL to adults, and complete paperwork pertaining to the position. Candidates must hold a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in ESL/TESOL or a…

    $20 – $25 an hour
    Quick Apply
  • Modulo Learning Inc – Remote 

    The tutor will ask questions, inspire and engage the child as they go. Confirmation that you’re available Monday and Wednesday at 4:30pm Beijing Time.

    $15 an hour
    Quick Apply
  • Now Speak English Online – Remote 

    Startup culture meets international school environment online. We work with teachers and parents to create an individualized learning plan for every student…

    $18 an hour
    Quick Apply
  • Day1Company – Remote 

    Proven experience as a teacher. Collaborate with other teachers, parents and stakeholders and participate in regular meetings. Must have Bachelor’s degree.

    $12 – $16 an hour
    Quick Apply
  • Mint English – Remote 

    Mint English is looking for highly qualified online ESL Teachers to work from home. You will be teaching English to Korean students (kids and adults both)…

    Quick Apply
  • AmazingTalker – Remote 3.8

    Teach a variety of classes online via Zoom. This is a flexible, remote online English teaching opportunity.*. Teach 1:1 classes of 25 min or 50 min.

    $16 – $25 an hour
  • Steward Health Care – Remote 

    Plan, organize and provide instruction in English. Provide instruction that is consistent and coordinated with Steward Health Care’s instructional program so as…

    $40,000 a year
    Quick Apply
  • Uplift Michigan Online School – Detroit, MI 

    Collaborate with general education teachers to ensure consistency of special education supports. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals…

    Estimated: $44,000 – $55,000 a year

    Quick Apply
  • NorthStar American School – United States 

    Subjects for Primary School Math, Language Arts. Subjects for Secondary School: Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Study.

    $20 – $30 an hour
    Quick Apply
  • David’s English Center – Remote 

    Our partnered teachers will decide their own hours, pricing, class size, and the discretion of student selection. English teaching: 1 year (Preferred).

    $10 – $35 an hour
    Quick Apply
  • ABOX educational institute LTD – Remote 

    The hours of classes are very flexible; you can choose to work at your own pace. Rates will be offered based on experience.

    $10 – $25 an hour
    Quick Apply
  • TeachCast LLC – Remote 4.5

    Evening and overnight shifts are available. Teachers must live in the United States. We work with schools throughout Indonesia and are part of their mandatory…

    $12 – $14 an hour
    Quick Apply

Working from home provides flexibility to employees because it allows them to set their own work schedules. A job done from home also gives employers more control over quality and efficiency of work done. This is because employees can access and complete their work from wherever they choose. Plus, employees can quickly respond to changing tasks or changes in project deadlines with greater ease. This allows them to handle any issue immediately without waiting days for an answer.

The type of work done at home is one factor that determines how comfortable employees feel working there. For example, if employees do administrative or clerical work, they’ll likely find working at home easy. However, if they’re involved in creative work, working from home can feel restricting due to fewer resources and facilities. Employers should weigh the benefits of working from home – such as lower costs – against the loss of potential employees to certain jobs.

It’s clear that working from home has many advantages. However, there are a few downsides as well. Most obviously, working from home doesn’t provide the social interaction with colleagues that most people enjoy at work. Additionally, this lack of interaction can make employees less loyal to their employers since they don’t feel obligated to please their bosses as much as they would in an office environment. Instead, they tend to focus on pleasing their employers and keeping their jobs by doing quality work on their own schedule.

Employers should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of allowing employees to do their work from home before implementing the policy. There are plenty of benefits when jobs are accessible any time without limits on location or schedule. But allowing work at home can make employees less loyal if they don’t enjoy interacting with managers or colleagues while at work. Ultimately, employers must judge whether or not allowing homework is beneficial for their company based on the nature of the tasks performed by their staff members.

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