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One of the most priceless things you can offer your child is the English language. English speakers frequently make more money, can attend top universities, and may find it simpler to travel. In other words, learning English as a young child prepares you for success as an adult.

To teach your child English as a second language (ESL) without incurring excessive costs or worrying about scheduling conflicts, consider enrolling them in online lessons. Here are our picks for the best kid-friendly applications and online English courses.

Please be advised that these are just suggestions. All of these apps have a well-managed Online ESL Curriculum, you can choose any of them depending on your preference.

Best Online ESL Curriculum Apps


With the help of a certified, native English tutor, your child can receive private language instruction online with Preply. Preply delivers traditional language classes’ live conversation practice, customized feedback, and interpersonal connection for a reasonable price. Depending on your child’s demands or ability, Preply instructors can also create lessons and supply teaching materials. They could concentrate on vocabulary or phonics, for instance.

For children with short attention spans, online courses and apps are typically not the ideal choices because they need concentration and self-motivation. In contrast to a

language app, curriculum, or game, a nice instructor can keep your youngster focused for an hour.

Preply classes can be tailored to fit your weekly schedule, but they are also adaptable if you need to adjust something. Because Preply teachers are located all over the world, you can arrange sessions for any hour of the day. If you want your kid to begin learning ESL, you can have the greatest of both worlds. To discover a teacher your child will adore, try exploring our database for instructors who specialize in educating kids.

Nova Kid

For kids ages 4 to 12, Nova Kid is an organized language curriculum. You can purchase a set of lessons, and with the assistance of a private tutor, your child will go over the content each week. The preferred teachers can be selected by the parents. There is a variety of native or almost native English-speaking instructors, and students are free to switch instructors at any time.


It’s time to install Duolingo if you hear “Mom, may I play on your phone?” all the time. Because it turns language learning into a game, Duolingo is the most downloaded learning and cognitive worldwide.

Its stylish appearance and user-friendly interface make it an enjoyable tool for young language learners to expand their vocabulary. Duolingo is an excellent way to keep kids entertained and start literacy development on the road even if the app’s focus is primarily on vocabulary.

British Council

You are undoubtedly already acquainted with the British Official site and its collection of free educational materials if you learned English online. Additionally, a library of mind games and activities for kids to practice their English has been created by their professionals. Even if the webpage is a little dated, there are many helpful resources to aid you in giving your child an outstanding English class.

They also have a terrific YouTube channel where they provide entertaining songs,

stories, and films that educate English nursery rhymes. This is a great method to include learning English into your everyday routine if your child enjoys being read to at night! The Learning Time with Timmy collection is excellent for children ages 2 to 6.

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