Top 15 Online ESL Mentoring Programs Online

Online English as a Second Language (ESL) mentorships are very helpful for new English speakers. All of these programs offer flexible schedules and can be completed from home or in a classroom environment. Mentors provide guidance on daily life in their new country and teach the language skills necessary for success. International schools often have an ESL program for new students, but there are also online facilities available for people already living abroad. Mentoring programs are a great way to learn about another culture and make friends from around the world.

The GlobalP program is an initiative by the United States Department of State and the United States Department of Education to connect foreign adults with American mentors. Each mentor has a personal mentor from within the US government who guides each new citizen throughout their residency process. This includes getting a job, getting health insurance and finding an apartment. Additionally, all mentors have a group of fellow GlobalP mentors to interact with and provide support for their new countrymen. The program is available in 40 different languages as both an online course and an in-classroom course. A mentor can be anyone living within 100 miles of the prospective citizen’s country of residence. There are several levels of GlobalP training, each with its own benefits and requirements. GlobalP is not just for new citizens; it’s also useful for returning citizens and military members looking to relocate again.

Best Online English Courses

  1. English Class 101: Best for All Learner Levels
  2. Rocket Languages: Best for Beginner to Intermediate Learners
  3. Udemy: Best for Casual and Motivated Learners
  4. Coursera: Best for Qualified Instructors
  5. Alison: Best for Short, Concise Courses
  6. EdX: Best for University Style Courses
  7. USA Learns: Best for US Citizenship
  8. Elsa Speak: Best AI English Coach
  9. iTalki: Best for Finding Online Instructors
  10. Lingoda: Best for Structured Live Classes

Another great online resource is OnlineESL, which is a project funded by the National Science Foundation. This site connects people interested in learning English with native speakers from all around the world. Each online course focuses on a different area of life for international students living in America. For example, there is an OnlineESL course focused on job hunting, one focused on interacting with American institutions and universities, and one focused on finding permanent housing. Each section has ten weekly lessons with a native speaker instructor from a particular country or region. After completing ten weeks of courses, students have the opportunity to meet with native speakers in real life through Live Chat sessions or phone calls. Students who complete this part of the program get access to an Online Connections Book that provides further resources for international students living in America.

Another great online program is OnlineMBA, which is offered by Stanford University’s School of Business Administration. This program provides MBA classes online to foreign students who want to pursue careers in business without leaving their home countries first. Each OnlineMBA course consists of weekly lessons taught by expert MBA instructors from top American universities like Stanford University, Columbia University, Cornell University and Dartmouth College. Each lesson covers an industry topic relevant to business practices both internationally and domestically. Each lesson concludes with homework assignments designed to ensure that each student fully understands the material covered in that lesson before moving onto the next lesson. Students can optionally meet face-to-face with their OnlineMBA instructors whenever convenient for them via your website or webcam sessions at our university’s campus in Palo Alto, California.

These are just some examples of great online programs for learning English effectively as an international student! It’s easy to find structured courses that help you settle into your new country with confidence. Mentors will help you get settled no matter where you’re from or what you want to do next!

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