The Top 10 Best Online ESL Curriculum for Children

Do you want the best online ESL curriculum? Look no further. Do you want one that is engaging and help your son or daugher learn faster?

If you said yes then this is the place for you. We will talk about the top 10 best online ESL curriculums for kids. You will be able to figure out what the best online ESL curriculum is for your son or daugher.

Why Online ESL Curriculum is Important for Children

Most student learn in a traditonal classroom. Some do not have the opportunity to learn a foreigh language from a native english speaker.

Having online ESL classroom with a proven online ESL curriculum is the key to their childs success. Online ESL curriculums are based on proven methodologies just like traditional text books. Things arre the keys to mastering a foreign language.

The Top 10 Best Online ESL Curriculum for Children

Online ESL teaching gives students the flexibilty to learn whenever they want to. They also provide more focused teaching to give the student greater attention than in a traditional classroom. Online ESL curriculums are very good for active students.

Forthermovre, some online ESL curriculum are not equal. So you need to analyze which one is best for your child.

Here are the top 10 ESL Curriculums:

  1. ChitChat2Fluency: It is very flexible and is suited to the childs pace. It is based on their English level not their grade level
  2. BabyBabble Online English Language Program: This is very good for beginners. It has plenty of phonics and exercises to keep them active.
  3. Cambridge ESOL: This is for adults focusing on Intermediate and Advanced levels.
  4. eLanguageLearning Academy: Is geared to business and tourist English
  5. Duolingo: is the most user friendly curriculum. It is the most used out of all of these curriculums.
  6.  StonRosettae: Uses innovative technolgy using very skilled teachers.
  7. TEFL Academy: Is tailored to each individual student.
  8. Princetonantomas: Is a very structured ESL curriculum for businessmen and students living abroad.
  9. CECIL Language Learning: Targets large businesses.
  10. Fluent Forever: Has high level learning materials and is very fun.


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