Teaching English as a Foreign Language Lesson Plans

Teachers have been using these lesson plans for years. They’re proven to be effective and easy to implement.

English Language Arts Lesson Plans for Kindergarten through Grade 12

Listening Comprehension

This lesson plan includes activities designed to help students understand how listening comprehension works. Students will listen to short stories and then answer questions about what they heard.

If you’re going to teach English Online for Kids  (or anywhere!), it’s time to put these powerful strategies into practice.

  • ESL Lesson Plan 1. Expectations, Rules, Handouts, Discipline
  • ESL Lesson Plan 2. Culture Shocked
  • ESL Lesson Plan 3. Making Questions
  • ESL Lesson Plan 4. Powerful Pronunciation
  • ESL Lesson Plan 5. Rhyme Time
  • ESL Lesson Plan 6. Get Emotional
  • ESL Lesson Plan 7. Everyday English
  • ESL Lesson Plan 8. Get a Job
  • ESL Lesson Plan 9. Directions & Travel
  • ESL Lesson Plan 10. WH- Questions
  • ESL Lesson Plan 11. Celebrity Status
  • ESL Lesson Plan 12. Merry Christmas
  • ESL Lesson Plan 13. The Big Question

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