Teachers Guide: Ultimate Guide for Online ESL Coaching to Kids


Online ESL Kidz Coach Training

Kids’ ESL classes may be a tonne of fun as well as rewarding. Coaching online ESL to kids, however, may also be challenging, and frustrating, as well as a lot of effort without the proper approach. Coaching ESL to kids requires time and effort. In what way do you teach English to kids?

Kids have a really limited attention span, as it was previously said, and are much more motivated to know English whenever they find it to be entertaining and fascinating. ESL classroom activities are a very efficient approach to teaching kids the language.

Before engaging in a class game

The first step in developing an English class game for use in class is to choose the event’s learning purpose. That is, consider what skill or language variety you want your pupils to learn from the game.

For instance, if you are teaching your pupils additional vocabulary, you can opt to play “flashcard games” to offer them lots of opportunities to hear and repeat the terms.

Or, if you wish your students to communicate effectively with the phrases they have acquired, you can elect to have them participate in an exercise similar to the “education gap” in which they would employ the language skills to converse with their classmates and obtain information.

Check for Understanding in Students

Most learners will respond “Yes” when asked simply “Do you recognize?” although if they don’t. Give your kids some questions regarding the game’s rules to ensure sure they are aware of how

to participate.


It’s important to show kids how to perform the activity after you’ve discussed it with them. Invite a kid or two to stand in front of the classroom to assist in demonstrating how to perform the task.

Class Management

Class Routine

When instructing young students in English, a lesson routine is crucial. Students will benefit from knowing what to do and how to do it. Establishing a routine in your lesson may require many lessons, however, once it is done, your group will function more efficiently.

Effective Call and Response connection

Students are instructed to stop what they’re doing, turn, and pay attention to the teacher when they hear a “Call and Respond.” This is a crucial component of the class routine because it will aid in capturing the interest of your kids and getting them to pay attention to the directions. There are numerous call and response strategies. The method I’ve found to be most effective is to start counting down from three to one while clapping twice for each number.

Beginning every class in the same manner

Students will learn that class has begun and that recess time is finished if the class is introduced in the same manner each time. Music is a fantastic way to begin your lesson. There are numerous excellent ESL “Welcome Songs” with which you might begin your lesson. Alternately, you might choose English pop music or an ESL song related to the subject matter you are learning.

Prize System

Reward management can be an extremely useful tool for behavior management with students. Rewarding students also boosts their confidence, self-esteem, as well as motivation.

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