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How to use a story to market yourself? Sales is about telling a story. How to tell a story to educate and teach ESL. What story are you telling? Like individual best ESL classes. It begins in your bio and first contact with parents. She is the crazy hat teacher. You can tell your story using the reward system, how they dress and the things in your classroom. How do you brand yourself?

ESL Curriculum to Teach Kids

How are you when you are selling your project? ESL Curriculum: Hopefully they do a good job with theri storyline. It helps you brand and market. The story line lets you talk about many different things. You can latch on to the story line. You can develop your own mascot. This helps your to become recognizable. It is really important to brand indemnification.

This helps you sell yourself. Students are more motivated to learn more about your branding. You become the story that you tell. The best way to teach retention for students. How do you apply the stories in the classroom? Find a story that is compelling. What is compelling for a kid? Stuffed animals and action figures. It needs to be a character that the student can relate to.

Students can relate to fictional characters. Are your stories accessible to your audience? The best way to make a story about you. Your experience as a native speaker. You will take them on journeys of your life.

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