Parent Guide: ESL Homeschooling Resources for Kids

Not all parents eagerly await the day their kid leaves for school. In reality, many parents don’t even bring their kids to school. Consequently, they have opted to educate their kids at home. It’s known as homeschooling. Rather than enrolling children in formal education in private and public schools, families, caretakers, or private tuition educate each kid independently at home. Probably approximately 3% of American youngsters attend homeschooling programs.

Many factors influence some parents’ decision to homeschool their children. Due to bullying and emerging demand for police presence in schools, one factor is that many parents don’t believe their children are secure in school. Some parents desire that their children’s life be focused on their moral principles or faith. However, some parents believe their children are not receiving a good education. Parents who travel, such as performers’ families, as well as those who live in remote locations, may choose to homeschool their children.

There are several various approaches to ESL homeschooling, and doing so enables parents to tailor the curriculum to the needs of their particular children. Families have the option of purchasing textbooks or producing customized materials. Unschooling is a parenting concept that enables kids to decide when and how they wish to sectors such as education on their innate curiosity. Some are concerned that homeschooling will prevent pupils from having socialization opportunities. To allay this worry, several families have formed cooperatives in which a bunch of homeschooled children will study, play, and take part in extracurricular activities like graduation and trip that would often take place in a school.

How could you greatest support your children as they study ESL, besides providing them with a top-notch ESL curriculum? The following resources are exclusively for you, parent-teachers:

The 5th Edition of The American Classic Dictionary of the ESL is a compilation of the terminology used in English by a wide range of professional writers and speakers. Its list represents the numerous intricate components that make up our language. You can also get 100 Words collections, a cryptic crossword solution, sound pronunciation of words of the phrases, and more. Additionally, iOS and Android users can download an app.

Everything you require to be an effective ESL instructor for learners of all ages as well as

proficiency levels. contains data on teaching ideas, teaching credentials, and comprehensive instructions on how to aid students in developing their writing, vocabulary, reading, grammar, and pronunciation abilities.

Is a “trailer truck” the same as an “elderly driver”? The significant lexical distinctions between British & American English are listed here.

ESL activities, music, and lesson plan to enhance your ESL instruction. To receive a complimentary Genki English course or to request a teacher’s set, simply register using your email.

Games and Activities

Although if the ESL curriculum has a strong basis, you may wish to add or replace some topics or skill modules. You can utilize the following online ESL homeschooling resources to prepare lessons or for more practice:

Browse through our collection of 17,300 downloadable lesson plans as well as printables for teaching English. Whatever your student population—children, adults, novices, or experts—BusyTeacher will help you spend hours on preparations. There is no need to register. offers vocabulary, grammar, reading and comprehension, and hearing tasks at beginner, moderate, and expert levels to assist you in learning English online.

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