Online ESL Mentoring Program (Self-Help)(It Workshop)

Get a rock solid foundation to teach ESL students online. This is a tried-and-true online ESL mentoring program that works! This program is about building strong emotional bonds with students in a flexible teaching environment.

This is an ESL development course NOT a TESOL certificate program. This will get you up to speed to TEACH ESL online to children. The first workshop is the IT workshop. These are your IT needs that you need to teach ESL online to kids.

The most important thing you need is your main computer. It needs to be very reliable. Any processes that are running on your computer that you don’t need turn them off. Make sure you schedule your computer updates on non working hours. Make sure you have backup equipment like internet,camera, keybord, mouse, headset or earbuds, and webcam. You need to record what is going on if you go offline to prove that it isn’t your fault. Make sure you have multiple browsers. Don’t forget about a battery backup.These are the basic things you need to get started.

Students now can compete globally and have access to education like never before. When looking at a computer to buy for online teaching you need to find a very fast computure and you feel comfortable with. Restart your computer everyday. Maintain your computers and make sure that you have the latest updates. You can use your ipad or iphone to show pictures to your students.

You should use a timer for games. Also, if you can shar your screen with your student would be wonderful. I have a difficult time when I wake up determining it is day or night. I have a clock that shows me the day, the time, and the date. This helps me to get my day started. I would some ask my sister why are you going to bed it is morning. She would explain to me it is night time. I was always getting confused. My clock rely helps me.

Students now can compete globally and have access to education like never before.

Learning online is more about cost saving and being more efficiently.

Here is the link to the video: Please send me an email subject IT Workshop

Daniel DiDio

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