Best 5 Online ESL Jobs for Native Speakers

English as a Second Language (ESL) refers to the teaching of English to foreign speakers. Foreign speakers are those living in countries with low English proficiency rates. Languages commonly taught in ESL programs include American, British, Indian, Australian and Canadian English. Teachers of English as a Second Language (TESL) normally work with children and adults learning English. Working as an English language teacher requires a college degree in English language and teaching experience.

Most people with degrees in English language do not have a degree in speaking or writing. In fact, many teachers with degrees in TESL have at least some prior experience teaching English. However, there are many ways to become an English teacher without majoring in the subject. Anyone can become an English teacher with a little dedication and patience. Here are some helpful tips for succeeding in the ESL job market:

Since many companies are seeking English speakers, job seekers can find work worldwide. Many countries have excellent educational standards and encourage their citizens to speak English. These include the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Other countries with good educational standards and opportunities for ESL teachers include Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan. Employers seek out experienced ESL teachers since they can fill high-quality job orders quickly and efficiently.

It takes time and dedication for a ESL professional to build a career. Many people think that becoming an English teacher is easy since most colleges offer degrees in English language. This is not entirely true; some colleges offer degrees in TESLL which focus on teaching through technology or business strategies. Other degrees focus on specific aspects of instruction such as pedagogy or curriculum design. Earning a degree in TESLL demonstrates dedication since these courses are difficult to find at accredited institutions.

Anyone can become an excellent English language teacher with hard work and patience. It takes time to build experience teaching English to foreign speakers. However, this experience makes you more competent when applying for jobs as an ESL teacher. Anyone can become an excellent English language teacher with hard work and patience.

• Salary: 2 – 3 USD (100-150 Php) per hour + incentives/bonuses
• Student: Chinese Kids (5-15 years old)

• Salary: less than 2 – 3 USD (90-120 Php) per hour + incentives/bonuses
• Student: Chinese Kids and Adults

• Salary: 3 USD (150 Php) per hour + incentives/bonuses
• Student: mostly Chinese Kids and some Adults

• Salary: Set your own rate
• Student: All ages worldwide (mainly Taiwanese or Chinese)

•Salary: 9-12 USD (455-600 Php) for Native and a little more than 2 USD (107 Php) for Filipino teachers 🙁
• Student: Vietnamese Kids and Adults

Best Teacher (Areyoubt)
• Salary: It varies depending on what type of task you’re working. You can do the following: Reply To Messages , Edit Conversations, or Do a Skype Lesson. For Skype lesson, the rate is 3 USD (150 Php) per 25-minute class or 6 USD (300 Php) per hour ; based on my research, Filipino teachers are paid less than that
• Student: Japanese Adults

• Salary: a little more than 2 USD (110-120 Php) per hour excluding incentives for Filipino teachers ; Natives and/or other nationalities receive 6 USD (300 Php) or more + incentives/bonuses
• Student: mostly Japanese Adults and some kids

• Salary: Their pay varies but roughly starts at 10-12 USD per (about 500-600 Php) 45-minute class
• Student: Kids

• Salary: 140 – 230 PHP/HR or about 2.5 – 4.5 USD/HR + incentives/bonuses
• Student: Professional Adults

Buddy School
• Salary: $5-$20
• Student: Worldwide; all ages

Bunny English
• Salary: $5.5 /50-minute class + incentives/bonuses
• Student: Kids


• Salary: 17 cents USD per minute. That’s around $10.20 per hour
• Student: All ages worldwide

Cafe Talk
• Salary: $8-$25; create a profile platform
• Student: Mainly Japanese Adults

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