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English as a Second Language (ESL) refers to learning another language while still maintaining your native language. There are many ESL programs around the world and there are plenty of opportunities for people who speak other languages. Many institutions offer online ESL courses, but these classes can be difficult to complete without technical assistance. Anyone who speaks another language and wants to learn English can find a job doing so through an online course.

Many people prefer to enroll in an online ESL course rather than attend an in-person class. This is because it’s convenient and you can do it from home or another location that works for you. There are also plenty of online resources for learning English that you can access from any internet connection. You can also set your own pace and schedule for finishing your lessons. This is good if you’re busy and have a full schedule.

It’s important to choose an online job that matches your language skills and interests. For example, if you’re good at writing essays you might want to sign up for a paid writing course. These courses pay well and are generally easy courses to pass. However, some courses are much harder than others- so it’s worth researching beforehand. It’s also a good idea to choose a course that matches your area of interest. For example, if you’re interested in business courses you should look at business-related online ESL jobs.

If possible, look for an ESL job through a recruiter instead of finding one yourself. This is because recruiters know far more about the jobs available in your area of interest. They’ll also be able to find you the best paying jobs with the highest pay rates and least amount of work required. It’s worth paying them a small fee to find you a good job!

Anyone can find a good online ESL job if they just take the time to research the jobs available and choose one that suits them personally. Keep in mind your language skills and interests when choosing an online job! Lastly, use a recruiter, if possible, when looking for an ESL job; they’ll help you find quality work!

• Salary: 2 – 3 USD (100-150 Php) per hour + incentives/bonuses
• Student: Chinese Kids (5-15 years old)

• Salary: less than 2 – 3 USD (90-120 Php) per hour + incentives/bonuses
• Student: Chinese Kids and Adults

• Salary: 3 USD (150 Php) per hour + incentives/bonuses
• Student: mostly Chinese Kids and some Adults

• Salary: Set your own rate
• Student: All ages worldwide (mainly Taiwanese or Chinese)

•Salary: 9-12 USD (455-600 Php) for Native and a little more than 2 USD (107 Php) for Filipino teachers 🙁
• Student: Vietnamese Kids and Adults

Best Teacher (Areyoubt)
• Salary: It varies depending on what type of task you’re working. You can do the following: Reply To Messages , Edit Conversations, or Do a Skype Lesson. For Skype lesson, the rate is 3 USD (150 Php) per 25-minute class or 6 USD (300 Php) per hour ; based on my research, Filipino teachers are paid less than that
• Student: Japanese Adults

• Salary: a little more than 2 USD (110-120 Php) per hour excluding incentives for Filipino teachers ; Natives and/or other nationalities receive 6 USD (300 Php) or more + incentives/bonuses
• Student: mostly Japanese Adults and some kids

• Salary: Their pay varies but roughly starts at 10-12 USD per (about 500-600 Php) 45-minute class
• Student: Kids

• Salary: 140 – 230 PHP/HR or about 2.5 – 4.5 USD/HR + incentives/bonuses
• Student: Professional Adults

Buddy School
• Salary: $5-$20
• Student: Worldwide; all ages

Bunny English
• Salary: $5.5 /50-minute class + incentives/bonuses
• Student: Kids


• Salary: 17 cents USD per minute. That’s around $10.20 per hour
• Student: All ages worldwide

Cafe Talk
• Salary: $8-$25; create a profile platform
• Student: Mainly Japanese Adults

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