Online ESL Curriculums Which are the Best 10 for Teaching Japanese Students

Online ESL Japanese language education is a great option for adults and children alike. It’s also perfect for those who want to learn Japanese in a social setting or at their own pace. Popular websites such as JapanStudy, JLPT and Rosetta Stone offer varying levels of instruction- as do standalone apps. However, there are plenty of options if a specific feature is needed. Overall, online ESL Japanese language courses are fantastic for learning Japanese.

JapanStudy- one of the most popular online Japanese language courses– offers over 30 hours of content for free members and full members. Members can also access the lesson audio, allowing them to follow along with the lessons anytime. The website provides a wide selection of language courses for learners at all levels. For example, people can take intensive lessons targeted at intermediate and advanced learners or select simpler courses for novices. There are also plenty of self-study tools such as lesson notes and flash cards. Learners can access all the premium features through the website or download ESL lessons onto their computers for offline use.

Here are the best ESL programs to teach English in Japan:

  • The JET program
  • Interac
  • Westgate
  • JIEC Program
  • NOVA Japan
  • Gaba
  • Benesse BE studio
  • ECC

JLPT certification is another popular online Japanese education option. The JLPT tests are offered regularly in Japan and give users a standardized way to gauge their Japanese skills. Anyone interested in taking the test can register on JLPT’s website and pay a fee. After that, they must study specific materials according to the test’s requirements. This includes both reading and writing components and a timed speaking test as well. After studying, candidates must take the test on the official exam station website. Anyone with internet access can take this exam; there is no need for a computer or tablet connection. Once completed, users submit their exam results to JLPT within 10 days to receive a passing grade.

Online ESL Japanese classes are also available from various other platforms, including Rosetta Stone and e-jisoo. These sites provide similar material to JapanStudy without charging monthly fees or offering premium features such as flash cards or lesson notes. Learners have the option of completing all course content on their computer or mobile device without any issues. There’s also no need for an internet connection once lessons are downloaded to a device. Online Japanese classes are ideal for those who want to supplement their in-person studies with offline practice sessions.

Online ESL Japanese language education is excellent for learning Japanese at your convenience. Most platforms provide an abundance of free content perfect for beginners. Other options such as JLPT certification or mobile apps are excellent for those interested in testing their skills outside of class time. Ultimately, all these options make it easy to learn ESL Japanese online!

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