Online ESL Curriculum for Young Learners: List of Best ESL Textbooks and Curriculum to Teach Young Children

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Look no further if you’re seeking a kids’ online ESL course.

Many internet English teaching organizations had to close their doors in the last few weeks, leaving hundreds of teachers without employment and a plan of action. There won’t be any more teachers in any nation that are based abroad.

Although many may see this as a disadvantage, there has never been a better moment to use this as a chance to teach English online on your own. Turn to private instruction and demand what you are valued!

There are several factors to think about if you’re thinking about venturing out on your own and being an independent instructor (or if you currently are one), including the tools needed, the kinds of ESL curriculum, and how you’ll recruit students.


Daniel DiDio, a legend in ESL, built it. A online ESL curriculum called ChitChat2Fluency was created especially for teaching ESL to children online. To assist teachers in starting appropriately, he also offers coaching. The following is what Daniel had to say about his course of study.

“By laying a strong foundation for the student’s future achievement with (Curriculum + Education And training), you can increase their chances of succeeding with my assistance. Since your students are now given a clear path to follow, you would be able to expand your student population. Your strategy for the child’s benefit will be clear to the parents. You would be able to develop a strategy for each child to concentrate on their weak spots.

English Adventure

An entertaining, three-level online ESL curriculum for elementary school pupils is called English

Adventure. There are a minimum of 20 lessons on every level, all of which concentrate on lexical and structural topics that advance naturally and steadily.

English Adventure spans levels A1 and A2 according to the CEFR.

Reading, speaking exercises, phonics, writing, games, and extension assignments are all used to teach language skills in this American English-speaking course. The course’s entertaining characters keep students engaged and interested.


One of the most well-liked online ESL curricula is offered by Off2Class. From basic to advanced students can take their studies at their own pace.

These courses may be useful for you if you work with adults; however, there aren’t as many kid-specific courses in them. You might wish to look elsewhere if you teach children.


A wonderful option for online ESL instruction is ESL PALS. Both children and adults can choose from a variety of lessons. To utilize in the classroom, you can obtain PDF versions of all of their classes. You can check out their free lessons to determine whether they’re a suitable fit before buying.


Online ESL curriculum Engoo offers some of its specially created lessons for free on the internet. Levels and interests can be used to search through their lessons. A lot of online professors like the free curriculum Engoo.


A brand-new, high-end online ESL curriculum based on Google Slides is called Teach2Kidz. Only a few modules are now offered on their Teachers Paying Teachers store, but more are planned to be added over the coming months.

Native Camp

Native Camp is a Japanese online ESL school, much like Engoo. The courses are in English even if their website is in Japanese. These lessons are freely accessible online. Their content can be found in basic to advanced categories. The majority of their lectures are based on well-used textbooks.

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