Top 10 Online ESL Courses for Teachers

Currently, there are more than 200 million individuals worldwide who can only speak a foreign language. These numbers suggest that there is a great demand for ESL teachers. However, only a small portion of the population can become teachers since they need a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate subject. In addition, they usually need at least two years of experience before they can teach in an English-speaking country. Since there are so many students that could benefit from taking ESL classes, it’s important to know how to find and take online courses for teachers.

When choosing an online course for teachers, students and their families should keep several things in mind. First, online courses are effective at reaching a wide range of students. These courses are typically comprehensive and can be taken at any time of the day or night. Students also have freedom when choosing which course materials to use- they can choose from a range of different texts and assignments. Furthermore, the quality of online courses is much better than that of self-instructional DVDs or CDs. This is because instructors use high-tech equipment and updated teaching methods to create effective courses. Ultimately, there’s no reason why anyone should limit their learning possibilities due to inconvenient teaching methods.

After considering these benefits, students must be willing to give up their privacy in exchange for access to better education possibilities. Most families need convincing that online courses are just as good as their face-to-face counterparts. This is difficult since most people have used an internet connection at home or work for many years without giving it a thought. However, there are some significant differences between taking lessons online and offline: audio and visual resources are significantly less accessible and reliable, assignments are not always available for review, and meetings with tutors are not possible due to poor internet connectivity. Over time, families learn to make allowances for this difference when choosing an ESL course for their child.

Best ESL Online Courses for Teaching

  1. VIPKid →
  2. Gogokid →
  3. iTalki →
  4. iTutorGroup →
  5. Open English →
  6. Voxy →
  7. Teachlingo →
  8. Rosetta Stone →
  9. Berlitz →
  10. Cambly →
  11. Cafetalk →
  12. DaDa →
  13. Education First →
  14. Learnlight →
  15. Alo7 →
  16. Qkids →
  17. 51 Talk → 
  18. English Gang →

Anyone can find and take online courses for teachers- but finding them is quite easy when compared to other subjects like English or IT. Both the US and UK governments require all high school graduates who want a degree in English to complete an English language apprenticeship (ELA). Each ELA course lasts for one year and requires students to complete 40 academic credits in order to graduate. Furthermore, most universities require prospective students to complete at least one semester of an English major before applying as a foreign student. Even though online courses have made life easier for English learners, more people still prefer traditional classes over sending their children abroad for education experiences. This is mostly due to lack of awareness about the many benefits of online learning versus face-to-face classes.

Despite being difficult to convince about the advantages of online learning, families will eventually change their opinion when considering how convenient it is compared to DVDs and CDs at home. Whether choosing an ESL course for students or themselves, anyone has the potential to improve their foreign language skills with the help of technology. Everything needs to be ready before potential teachers decide if they want to become better or worse with age through learning a new language!

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