List of Top ESL Courses for Children

When confronted with a classroom of ESL students, one must first understand that these students are not young adults but rather something altogether else. It may be incredibly satisfying and enjoyable to teach ESL to kids, but creating a compelling and efficient curriculum is crucial. Here is the list of top free online ESL courses for children to learn English.

British Council

It can be difficult yet gratifying to teach English to young children as they are still learning their native speech. Understand why and how kids learn best via play in this online course. What else can teachers and parents do to help kids make the most of a learning opportunity?

This seminar for parents and professionals will look at a variety of early childhood development and learning topics, including how young toddlers acquire English.

To help you understand how to communicate with young kids effectively, how to set up the ideal atmosphere for them to acquire English as a second language, as well as how to keep track of their progress British Council teachers will offer their knowledge and experiences.


Learn the abilities you have to succeed with your current position or go on to the next level of your career by becoming a global citizen.

This online ESL course will give you the fundamental communicative and textual skills you need to improve communication with coworkers, superiors, and other employees at work. These skills include listening and analyzing before speaking, presenting effectively, running meetings, and closing deals.

Get the fundamental formal training in learning English that you’ve desired from experts with expertise in the English-speaking sphere of work, and you’ll succeed at work, get ready to expand internationally, deal with the globalized world or teach your young child by using the global business jargon.

University of Penselvaniya

Introduction to English for Technology, Science, and Mathematics and Engineering, a course

developed by the University of Pennsylvania and supported by the Office of ESL Programs of the U.S. Department of Country’s Department of Education and Public Heritage.

Non-native English speakers who would like to enhance their scientific English proficiency should take this course. While developing your language and linguistic abilities to communicate scientific information to others in your community, you will examine a few of the most cutting-edge fields of scientific research in this course.

Saylor Academy

A nonprofit organization called Saylor Academy has been operating since 2008 to provide everyone who wants to study with free and accessible online courses. At the professional and collegiate levels, we provide close to 100 full-length programs, each created by subject-matter experts. Each course is accessible for completion at your own pace, according to your timetable, and without charge.


FredisaLearns offers a systematic ESL course for children. It starts from the very beginning and progresses to an early middle stage. The fundamentals of English grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and sentence construction are learned by children. Our interactive children’s English classes include the following:

Animations for Lessons

Fun Practice Activities

Interactive Assessment Tests

Printable Exercises

Tracking Your Academic Progress

Activities Compatible with Mobile

Lots of educational resources!

It is a complete solution for educators looking for a virtual ESL course to aid blended learning

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