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ESL Rhyming Words For Kids

Nursery rhymes aren’t just funny ESL songs to keep little children entertained, they’re great mediums of learning too. Every child’s learning begins with a few nursery rhymes. These songs with rhyming words for kids help your children develop strong verbal skills, reading skills, and cognitive skills. Additionally, it helps with expanding their ESL vocabulary and memory retention.

These silly songs are powerful tools that teach your child how language works. Children learn to speak by listening to their parents and the people around them. Constant use of rhymes and rhyming words for kids helps them learn new words. Kids also learn the different sounds of words through rhyming words, which helps build phonemic awareness in them. So, it’s not only entertaining, rhymes are educational too.

Several studies have shown that children who pick up strong ESL language abilities early develop strong reading and writing skills too. Recognizing and using rhymes helps children build their literacy skills along with their verbal skills. So, learning to use rhyming words for kids is as important as learning the alphabet and the numbers.

Rhymes are words that sound similar to each other when you say or hear them. Rhymes often are pleasant to hear and sound like music when we say them. We learn rhymes when we are children through nursery rhymes, which help us learn words and memorize songs. For instance, the nursery rhyme “Hickory Dickory Dock” uses rhyme throughout the entire song.

Look at the words to the nursery rhyme:
“Hickory, dickory, dock,
The mouse ran up the clock.
The clock struck two
And down he flew
Hickory, dickory, dock.”

In this rhyme, the words “hickory” and “dickory” rhyme. They have the same ending, and they sound almost the same when we say them out loud. The words “dock” and “clock” also rhyme in this simple song. While they are not right next to each other in the sentence, they rhyme with each other. The words “two” and “flew” also rhyme. You can hear how they sound the same when you say them out loud when reciting the song. As you can see from the nursery rhyme, words that rhyme can go next to each other, but they do not always have to sit next to each other in a sentence. Poetry and nursery rhymes often rhyme the last word of one line with the last word of the next line. “Hickory Dickory Dock” does both. It puts words that rhyme next to each other, and it rhymes the last word of one line with the last word of another line. This is common in songs and poetry that use rhyming words.

We often use rhymes to help us remember things, people, places, lists, or information. Since the words sound the same, and you are repeating the same noises, you remember rhyming words easier than words that do not rhyme. Music often uses rhyme because rhymes, or words that rhyme with each other, often sound better together. Rhymes are easier to say and often go with music perfectly. Most of the time we do not have any trouble remembering the words to songs, and this is often because the words rhyme and sound like music when you say them.

Here are a few words and a list of words that rhyme with them. Practice saying these out loud. You will find that they are easy to say quickly and they roll off your tongue.

Rhyming set 1: He, she, me, we, key, bee, knee, see
Rhyming set 2: Blue, shoe, flu, new, moo, do, you
Rhyming set 3: Book, took, shook, look, cook
Rhyming set 4: eye, sky, bye, fly, my, pie, tie

Rhyming words do not always have to look the same or similar. For example, the words “took” and “book” both look the same and sound the same. Only one letter has been changed between the rhyming words “book” and “took.” We just changed the first letter. We need to remember that many rhyming words look the same, but they do not always have to look the same. You can see that the words “sky” and “pie” do not look the same. In fact, they do not even share any of the same letters. However, they sound similar when you say them out loud.

List Of ESL Rhyming Words For Kids

Here is a list of common rhyming words for kids in preschool or kindergarten. These simple rhyming words are not too challenging and are perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

3 letter ESL Rhyming words for kids

3 letter ESL rhyming words that rhyme with AB

Cab Lab
Dab Nab
Fab Tab

3 letter ESL rhyming words that rhyme with AD

Add Mad
Bad Pad
Dad Rad
Fad Sad
Had Tad
Lad Wad

Words that ESL rhyme with AG

Bag Rag
Gag Sag
Hag Tag
Nag Wag

Words that ESL rhyme with AM





Words that ESL rhyme with AN









Words that ESL rhyme with AP











Words that ESL Rhyme with AR









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