ESL Online Coaching and Mentoring Programs: Teacher Persona Branding and Marketing

Creating you in-classroom teaching persona “Branding”. You will market yourself in a certain way so you get bookings again and again. How do I make myself stand out? I use rhythm and rhyme in my classroom. My students call me “The Singing Teacher”. I see in the feedback. I see them singing before class on the camera.

ESL Curriculum to Teach Kids

I’m a singing teacher. I created singing reward systems. That is what I use to market to my students. This will make students interested in your teacher style. Pick a persona that you are interested in. How will you market yourself to stand-out from other teachers? You need to do something that will make you stand out, that is you. It is part of your personality.

Please send me an email to access the video.

I have been teaching ESL for 17 years.

I have taught over 32,500 (25-minute classes) the last 4 years. I hope this helps. Please put any comments in the comment section.

Thanks, Daniel DiDIo

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