ESL Lesson Plans for Teachers

In the past, many people thought that English as a Second Language (ESL) classes were only for foreigners who wanted to learn English. These misconceptions led to the belief that only people with a genuine interest in English would take ESL classes. However, more and more native speakers are taking ESL classes to improve their English. This is great news for both students and teachers. By taking these lessons, teachers gain a greater command of their English and students can improve their English.

First and foremost, it’s vital that teachers understand how their classes should function. Some instructors go into their classes with pre-existing plans for their lessons; this is great! Other instructors are more haphazard in their planning. Either way works, but well-thought-out plans help students learn effectively. Subsequently, students benefit from an organized class environment. Plus, teachers can focus on teaching instead of worrying about lesson organization.

Another factor to consider when planning ESL classes is the students‘ level of English. Classes should be tailored to meet the needs of each student. Some students want to brush up on their English before they take the TOEIC test. Others have already passed the test and want to improve their language skills. Still other students have already been employed for several years in their field and have little need for English. For that matter, it’s best if the teacher knows what kind of jobs his students will have after they finish learning English language skills.

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It’s also important to consider how much time each student has had to study English. Students who have spent less time learning English show more improvement than those with more experience. Therefore, it’s wise to give new students plenty of time to study before class. When planning your classes, think about how you can use your resources effectively- including your time and effort. You’d be amazed at what you can accomplish when you allot enough time for your work!

Lastly, ESL teachers should plan ahead when preparing their lessons. Teachers typically plan their lessons at the last minute – which is great! However, many instructors forget to plan for all of the materials they’ll need for each class. Teachers must remember that they’ll need whiteboards and markers for each lesson. They also need textbooks for reading aloud from and notes for handouts. In addition, teachers need pens, paper and an eraser for making changes to handouts after each lesson. Plan ahead by getting all your materials together well in advance so lessons run smoothly!

Teachers play a vital role in developing their students’ English language skills. By understanding each student’s level of English, staying organized and preparing effective materials, anyone can become an excellent ESL teacher! The next time you’re preparing for an ESL class yourself, keep these ideas in mind! Anyone can teach an ESL class if he puts his mind to it!

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