ESL Curriculum Novice Level – All Where it Starts (Beginner ESL Online)

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The Novice level is all where it starts. Most of the time the student is from 4-8 years old. Teachers need to smile all the time, TPR, and encourage the students. You need to be at the top of your game. Teaching ESL Online.

You have to really encourage the student. I use rhythm combined with encouragement. The students love this and the parents say my children are singing. They love it. They call me the singing teacher. I don’t sign, I just use rhythm in my ESL classroom. Like yah, yah, yah…yah, yah, yah. I put my hands forward and move them back and forth to the student. They get so excited. I do this at least 10 times per class. You need to figure out what works for you. How you can connect to your students.

The Novice Level (Beginner ESL Online) consists of ABCs, colors, sight words, word families, grammar, reading, phonics, big and small, the same or different, fat or thin, shapes, few and many, five senses, the biggest, and the smallest.

Here is the How are you lesson? Please click the link below: Please send me an email to access the PPT. My email address it

I will go through the ESL lessons steps by steps. We start up with the warm-up. What’s the weather like today?  It is __today. (hot, warm, cool, and cold). We sing the song then we do a pre-made conversation with teacher and student. Then we have a Chit Chat time where we talk with the student. Then we go slide by slide. How are you? I am ___. (happy, fine, and sad). Then we review them again slide by slide.

Next, is ESL writing time uses two words like good and sad. You can have them writing the words. If the student is at a higher level, have them write a sentence. Circle the __ face (happy, sad, fine, good, sleepy, and mad). Then we review both ESL grammar points again.

Then we do a good-bye song.

This is exactly how I do this lesson. I have been teaching ESL for 17 years online and offline. I have taught over 32,500 (25-minute classes) the last 4 years. I hope this helps. Please put any comments in the comment section.

Thanks, Daniel DiDIo

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