Best High-Intermediate Level ESL Curriculum –They’d shoot craps with the devil himself. (Hight-Intermediate ESL Online

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The High-Intermediate level is only when the boots are on the ground will we find out whether all of this work is worth it. Most of the time the student is from 12- 14 years old. A teacher must be resilient and never give up. It is like a boxing match. You throw a punk and the student ducks. This keeps on going on through the semester. This is the game with High-Intermediate students.

This lesson is about Wild animals. The High-Intermediate Level constituents of a song, which wild animal do you like? What was the turtle doing? The turtle was (singing/swimming), what was the frog doing? The frog was (sitting/swimming) on the log. What was the bear doing? The bear was (sleeping/catching) fish. What was the bear doing? The bear was (sitting/running). What were the dolphins doing? The dolphins were (jumping/standing).  What were the whales doing? The whales were living in the (ocean/plains). Where were the sharks living? The sharks were living in the (ocean/plains).

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This is exactly how I do this lesson. I have been teaching ESL for 17 years online and offline. I have taught over 32,500 (25-minute classes) the last 4 years. I hope this helps. Please put any comments in the comment section.

Thanks, Daniel DiDIo

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